Penguin Cake Toppers

My husband loves penguins.  He thinks they’re cute, funny, interesting – and since we’ve been together, I’ve come to adopt penguins as sort of “our” thing.  So when I was absent-mindedly listing off the five billion wedding details we still had to tackle as we were planning our October 2009 wedding, and the subject of cake toppers came up, he had an idea right away.  Of course, I was not expecting him to give a fig about what we put on top of our wedding cake, it didn’t strike me as something most fiancés would care about, and to be honest, it wasn’t at the top of my priority list either.  I’d just assumed I would order one of those fancy letters that stood for our new shared last name from one of those cheesy wedding catalogs.  But, bless his heart, my now-husband suddenly had a much better idea.  “Penguins!” – he excitedly suggested.  Since I found it difficult at times to get a twenty-something guy to show interest in things like napkins colors, flower arrangements, etc…I wasn’t about to shoot down any suggestions he had about something I had assumed would be a somewhat boring detail in his eyes (which isn’t to say that he wasn’t helpful, he, like many of my friends’ fiancés, preferred to give input on more fun things like food and music).  So I quickly embraced the idea of having adorable little bride and groom penguin toppers.  It was unique, not your typical cake topper.  And it was a cute way to show our fun side, and most importantly, feature a little piece of my husband’s personality, which I loved so much.  So I set out to find penguin cake toppers online.  I Googled it, trying a few different key words, much to no avail.  Then I went to Etsy – I had gotten gifts for friends and fun things for myself there before, so it seemed like the perfect place to find adorable’ out of the ordinary handmade items like what I was looking for.  Sadly, I couldn’t seem to find exactly what I’d had in mind.  That’s when I decided, hey, there is no reason I can’t just make them myself!  No harm in trying, right?

After a “rough draft” penguin, I seemed to have it down, and created our bride and groom penguins over a couple evenings out of polymer clay.  I was very happy with the way they turned out, and so was my husband.  They were a great addition to our wedding – perfectly matching our wedding colors of black and red.

When it came time to cut the cake at our wedding reception months later, I got loads of compliments on our wedding penguins.

Here they are after I made them:

And here they are in action on our big day:

Which brings us to this past October, about a year after our wedding.  I’d been toying with the idea of trying to make and sell penguin cake toppers on Etsy since our wedding, since I really enjoyed making ours.  After much hemming and hawing, and encouragement from my husband, I finally made myself an Etsy shop.  I’ve gotten a handful of orders for cake toppers so far, and I hope to make many more!

The shop is called Earl’s Court Designs – I will tell you about the name next time 🙂

Take a look!


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