Duck Cake Toppers

Last summer my best friend got married.  When she got engaged, I offered to make the cake toppers for her wedding cake.  Her husband (who happens to be my husband’s best friend – our successful attempt at match-making!) loves ducks, so it seemed like the perfect choice.  The only cake toppers I’d made before were our penguins, but I figured ducks weren’t that far of a stretch – like penguins, they are round little birdies with cute little feet and are overall adorable.

I tried to make them somewhat realistic to the coloring of male and female ducks, but with that sort of whimsical, cartoonish quality.  Of course, the flowers, bow tie and accessories matched their wedding colors, and I also included a tiny little silver trumpet under the male duck’s arm, since the groom is a trumpet player. 

Thanks for letting me make your ducks, friends! 🙂

The ducks on their big day


Beautiful bride - happy couple!


One comment on “Duck Cake Toppers

  1. anna says:

    The ducks were one of my favorite little touches in our wedding. They were personal, adorable, and perfect. There is certainly no better duck-maker in town. BTW, I'm not sure if this is an appropriate blog comment, but I just think you are great and miss you like mad!

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