Personalizing Your Bouquets

I always knew what kind of flowers I wanted when I got married – red tulips for my bouquet, and white calla lilies for my bridesmaids.  I also knew I wanted to personalize my bouguet a bit.  I had heard of brides including tiny picture frames or lockets with loved ones who had passed away, as a way to have them there on the wedding day.  I really liked that idea, but instead of pictures of my relatives who couldn’t be with us (they were mentioned in our program), I wanted to have my kitties with me (since my husband voted against actually having them there that day…probably for the best).

So I included a silver locket with my cats’ pictures in my bouquet:

I also included a gold and diamond earring that belonged to my grandmother:

After deciding how to personalize my bouquet, I knew I also wanted to add personal touches to my bridesmaids’ bouquets.  So I ordered small silver charms that represented each of my six bridesmaids, and this is what my florist and I came up with:
Ballet shoes for my maid of honor, a dancer:

A palette for my cousin, a graphic designer and artist:

A shamrock for my very Irish friend:

A passport for my friend the world traveller:

A cocker spaniel for my dog loving friend:

And a coffee cup for my always caffeinated cousin:

They were a hit, and doubled as keepsakes after the wedding as well.

Up next – creating a line of bouquet charms for my Etsy shop!


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