Something Borrowed

Ok, another movie post.  I saw Something Borrowed last weekend…I couldn’t wait to see it, since I really loved the book. 

The movie was cute, and I thought they covered the book pretty well.  They left out some things, merged a couple of characters into one, and added some things that weren’t in the book at all, but that’s how it goes.  Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable, and definitely does Rachel justice.   Kate Hudson plays Darcy obnoxiously, which is to say, spot on.  John Krasinski is funny and charming in his goofball way as always.  And Colin Egglesfield, the guy who plays Dex, did a good job, and is a very dashing Dex – if not almost a little too pretty sometimes.  Overall, I thought it was a good movie – I just think the book is better (isn’t it always?).

Anyway, the title and theme of this movie, as well as its sequel, Something Blue, got me thinking about where the whole “old, new, borrowed, blue” wedding tradition comes from.  While it is pretty self-explanatory, it’s worth thinking about:

Something old, something new

Something borrowed , something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Something old is meant to provide a link from the bride to her family and past.  It is common for the bride to draw upon a connection to her mother or grandmother.  The “old” item may be a piece of jewelry owned by the mother or grandmother of the bride, mom’s old wedding dress or veil, a photo of a relative, or it can be something that has been handed down for generations from one bride to the next.  My something old was an antique brooch from my grandmother (my dad’s mom) who died before I was born.  I had my florist put it in my bouquet:

Something new is said to represent hope and optimism – a symbol that you and your husband are creating a new life together.  A common way to include this tradition is to count the wedding dress as the new item, but it can be anything new that was purchased for the wedding – jewelry, shoes, ring, etc.  My something new was my dress:

Something borrowed usually comes from a close friend or family member, and is especially good luck if it is borrowed from a happily married relative or friend, as it is believed that her good fortune in marriage will carry over to the bride.  The borrowed item also serves as a reminder to the bride that she can depend on her family and friends.  Anything can be borrowed – a veil, earrings, a necklace or bracelet, some other accessory.  The idea is that it is supposed to be returned…something I failed to do!  My something borrowed was mother’s wedding band.  We share a ring size, and she had gotten a nice new wedding set for my parents’ 35th anniversary.  She had a unique wedding band that was altered to frame her marquise cut diamond – and it happened to fit perfectly with my engagement ring (it turns out that gazing at my mother’s ring since I was a little girl caused me to only want a marquise when the time came for me).  The idea was that we would purchase another band for our anniversary at some point, but even when that happened, I couldn’t bear to separate my ring with my borrowed one.  It meant a lot to me to say my vows with the same ring that my parents exchanged nearly 40 years ago…you don’t mind, do you Mom? 🙂

Something blue comes from ancient Rome, as the color blue is said to symbolize love, fidelity, and purity.  Interestingly enough, in the early 19th century, it was common for wedding gowns to be blue, in accordance with the proverb, “Marry in blue, lover be true.”  Some ways to incorporate blue (if it isn’t already one of your wedding colors) are to have a blue flower in your bouquet, wear a blue garter, toenail polish, or (gasp!) panties.  For my something blue, I got a little crafty with my shoes:

Some brides also include the last part of the poem – the silver sixpence.  It should be placed in the left shoe for good fortune.  Since sixpences aren’t common here, it can often become something that is passed down or shared within families.

Coming from England and dating back to the Victorian era, this tradition certainly has a lot of history behind it.  Carrying these things with her on her wedding day is meant to bring the bride good luck for a happy marriage.

Did you incorporate these traditions into your wedding day?


You + Me

Imagine me and you, and you and me…

 …so happy together 🙂


These are perfect as a gift for a girlfriend or couple, or just for you and your hubby/boyfriend/bff to sip coffee and read on a Saturday morning.

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I saw the movie Bridesmaids the other day, and it was absolutely hilarious.


If you haven’t seen it, take a look at the Bridesmaids trailer:

I definitely need to see it again, because it was that good, but also because I was laughing so hard I probably missed a few things.  Bridesmaids made me think back to my wedding day and my awesome line up of girls.  While my bridesmaids weren’t as psycho crazy as the ones portrayed in the movie, they are absolutely an amazing bunch of girls.

I know it’s the typical thought that all brides want to make their bridesmaids look awful in an attempt to make themselves look more perfect, but I’m not sure that is true.  Having made that trek down the aisle as a bridesmaid a handful of times myself, I had no intention of making my girls look dowdy.  I think everyone can be beautiful at a wedding!  And honestly, the bride is the one in the big white dress, is there really that much risk of her being outshined?  I wanted to add a couple personal touches to make my bridesmaids feel a little bit special.  In addition to the obvious rehearsal dinner gift of jewelry, here is a look at a couple other touches I incorportated into my wedding.

I made bouquet charms for myself and each of my bridesmaids, with charms that represented each girl’s personality:

I blogged more about bouquet charms a little while ago.

I also gave the girls matching flip flops for later in the evening when we got our dance on.  The flip flops were black with red flowers and black beads sewn on to match their dresses and our wedding colors.

See how much fun they are?

Did you do anything special for your bridesmaids? 

What did you think of the Bridesmaids movie?

Light as a Feather

Watching the Royal Wedding reminded me how much fun it can be to rock a fun and crazy headpiece:

While we may not be able to get away with doozies like that every day here in the US, there’s no reason we can’t add a little pomp and circumstance to our hairstyles.  And we don’t have to be going to a wedding or the Kentucky Derby in order to sport some hair flair – my cousin and I wore these for a nice Mother’s Day dinner (followed by some impromptu thrift store shopping), and didn’t feel out of place at all:

How about these?


You can find more here, at my Etsy shop 🙂

A Royal Wedding Party!

Being the huge Anglophile that I am, I was beyond thrilled about the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and couldn’t resist throwing a royal wedding party for my girlfriends and I to watch the whole thing.  Of course I woke up at 4am to watch all the festivities live, but I had a party later that evening full of British food and jolly good fun.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to serve all the yummy British treats I discovered while studying abroad in London, and display some of the dishes, souvenirs, and decorations I have amassed since then.  Aside from planning the English menu, I also worked on a handful of crafts for the event.

Kate’s engagement ring replica napkin rings:

Napkin rolls in a matching basket (with princess wands…why not?)

A perfect excuse to wear tiaras!

(even for cats)

We also wore feathered headpieces I made for the wedding









(You can find them here.)




And of course we all had royal titles for the evening!

London pub coasters for our cider

Inflatable Big Ben to remind us where we are pretending to be celebrating

During the party, we enjoyed the following British goodies: tea sandwiches, chips (fries) and HP sauce, crisps (chips), scones, crumpets, McVitie’s digestives (biscuits), English toffee, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, Yorkie bars, and bread pudding.  And we washed it all down with Strongbow cider (my favorite), Crispin, and wine.

Here are a few pictures of the tablescape…

Complete with pictures of the happy couple

All the food hadn’t been set out yet – I meant to take a few photos with everything set up, but as soon as I got everything out, it started getting eaten 🙂


Handmade placecards and holders

Friends also got to take these home


The wedding was amazing, Kate was stunning, Wills looked dapper, and we all had a blast.  Congrats to Will & Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Did you watch the royal wedding?  How did you celebrate?