Angry Birds!

Are you a fan of Angry Birds?


This game is huge, and it’s very addicting.  Personally, I’m not that good at it, but my husband is obsessed.  So obsessed that Angry Birds is what he gave up for Lent this year.  Pretty much any time I go to try on clothes at a store and there is a boyfriend/fiance/husband waiting for his lady to try things on, he’s sitting there playing Angry Birds.  It happens.

So I figured they would make great wedding cake toppers!  They’re cute, funny, and different – not what you’d expect to see sitting on top of a wedding cake.  I’m pretty sure that if my husband had become completely addicted to discovered this game before our wedding, I would have made these for our wedding cake instead of our little penguin friends.







Check out my Angry Birds cake toppers on Etsy!

Even though they’re angry, they’re pretty cute.  Which characters would you pick?

If you could have cake toppers from any game/cartoon, what would they be?


One comment on “Angry Birds!

  1. Steph says:

    These are so cute!
    I am going to date myself but I would love Hong Kong Phooey cake toppers!!!!

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