Indigo Girls…Well, Girl & Boy

I made these penguin cake toppers for a couple in my home state of Illinois. The bride and her fiance actually lived in Idaho, but were planning an August wedding on her parents’ farm in Illinois (not far from the small town where my husband grew up). She told me that the flowers she was using for her bouquet were actually being grown by her mother on the farm, which I think is really neat and very special!

Their colors were silver and indigo. She mentioned to me that she had been having trouble finding the same shade indigo from her various vendors. Even though indigo is an integral part of the ROYGBIV rainbow, it is a fairly difficult color to pin down. You can imagine that none of the major clay manufacturers make an indigo clay, so I mixed my own color, as I often do when I’m trying to match something to a specific shade. I never thought too much about the color indigo until now…honestly I always skipped over it when coloring rainbows as a little girl. But, I think I was able to get a pretty good indigo on my own, once I nailed down the basic indigo formula of two parts blue to one part red (although it looks much darker in the photo).

penguin cake toppers

penguin cake toppers

penguin cake toppers

I love that this bride was such a friendly customer and was happy to chat with me about her wedding. The more details and info I get from a bride, the more I can envision their wedding and create something more personal!

penguin cake toppers

Congrats to Adam and Jessica – I hope these penguins are just the perfect touch to their homespun farm wedding!


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