House of Cardinals

Since becoming home owners a little more than a year ago, my husband and I have gotten a little suburban – embarrassingly so at times.  For example, we started doing a little bird watching – nothing too intense, but we may have purchased at least one guide book.  We set up a bird feeder and squirrel feeder to welcome our furry and winged friends in the neighborhood, but after seeing how much our cats loved watching our backyard visitors, we started watching them too.  Soon we noticed a cardinal couple who came around several times every day – waking us up with their signature tweets in the morning in the tree outside our bedroom window.  The male and female cardinals were so pretty, we couldn’t help but watch them.  Needless to say, they inspired my newest breed of cake toppers:

I figured these could be a great choice of cake toppers for bird watchers, nature lovers, or St. Louis Cards fans!

I didn’t know this until we met our cardinal couple, but the female cardinal is actually an orange-ish brown.  So initially, I made a more environmentally correct version of the couple, with the male bird in his signature bright red, and the female in orange (which I added some sparkle to the orange clay, because its not far that the male gets to be the bright and shiny one!).  However, I’ve found that this version is less popular than the sets with both birds in red.

Fly on over and check out my cardinal cake toppers!


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