I saw the movie Bridesmaids the other day, and it was absolutely hilarious.


If you haven’t seen it, take a look at the Bridesmaids trailer:

I definitely need to see it again, because it was that good, but also because I was laughing so hard I probably missed a few things.  Bridesmaids made me think back to my wedding day and my awesome line up of girls.  While my bridesmaids weren’t as psycho crazy as the ones portrayed in the movie, they are absolutely an amazing bunch of girls.

I know it’s the typical thought that all brides want to make their bridesmaids look awful in an attempt to make themselves look more perfect, but I’m not sure that is true.  Having made that trek down the aisle as a bridesmaid a handful of times myself, I had no intention of making my girls look dowdy.  I think everyone can be beautiful at a wedding!  And honestly, the bride is the one in the big white dress, is there really that much risk of her being outshined?  I wanted to add a couple personal touches to make my bridesmaids feel a little bit special.  In addition to the obvious rehearsal dinner gift of jewelry, here is a look at a couple other touches I incorportated into my wedding.

I made bouquet charms for myself and each of my bridesmaids, with charms that represented each girl’s personality:

I blogged more about bouquet charms a little while ago.

I also gave the girls matching flip flops for later in the evening when we got our dance on.  The flip flops were black with red flowers and black beads sewn on to match their dresses and our wedding colors.

See how much fun they are?

Did you do anything special for your bridesmaids? 

What did you think of the Bridesmaids movie?


Lucky Charm

Being part Irish (thanks to my grandfather, my only non-completely Italian grandparent) and having the fair skin and freckles to prove it, I have always liked St. Patrick’s Day.  It doesn’t hurt that my family is from Chicago, where we dye our river green to celebrate St. Patty’s Day.

Which made me think of this shamrock bouquet charm….literally a lucky charm!


Get your own lucky charm here!  Or if there’s another lucky charm you’d like, just send me a message and I can whip one up for you!

Bouquet Charms

Since I made my own bouquet charms for my wedding bouquet as well as my bridesmaids’ bouquets, I figured more brides out there might want to personalize their bouquets the same way.  Wedding bouquets are always beautiful and a focal point of the ceremony, but I think the extra little touch adds something special.

Here are some of the bouquet charms I’ve created:

Check out these and the rest of the bouquet charms here!

Personalizing Your Bouquets

I always knew what kind of flowers I wanted when I got married – red tulips for my bouquet, and white calla lilies for my bridesmaids.  I also knew I wanted to personalize my bouguet a bit.  I had heard of brides including tiny picture frames or lockets with loved ones who had passed away, as a way to have them there on the wedding day.  I really liked that idea, but instead of pictures of my relatives who couldn’t be with us (they were mentioned in our program), I wanted to have my kitties with me (since my husband voted against actually having them there that day…probably for the best).

So I included a silver locket with my cats’ pictures in my bouquet:

I also included a gold and diamond earring that belonged to my grandmother:

After deciding how to personalize my bouquet, I knew I also wanted to add personal touches to my bridesmaids’ bouquets.  So I ordered small silver charms that represented each of my six bridesmaids, and this is what my florist and I came up with:
Ballet shoes for my maid of honor, a dancer:

A palette for my cousin, a graphic designer and artist:

A shamrock for my very Irish friend:

A passport for my friend the world traveller:

A cocker spaniel for my dog loving friend:

And a coffee cup for my always caffeinated cousin:

They were a hit, and doubled as keepsakes after the wedding as well.

Up next – creating a line of bouquet charms for my Etsy shop!